Our Approach To Search

Search marketing is about being there when the consumer needs you. Every request is an opportunity. Whether they're looking for your brand specifically, or a brand like yours, it pays to get there first. But the way we get there has changed. Mobile and social media have established themselves as indispensable parts of the mix. It's important to have an agency that knows how to put these elements to work. That's where we come in. Our cross-channel expertise, advanced analytics and home-grown technologies help make sure brands meet consumers when and where they need them.

Proprietary Technologies

By tailoring technologies to our clients' needs, we can guarantee improved performance across the largest, most complex search programs in the world, helping increase clients' ROI while freeing up resources for strategy and planning.

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Our proprietary, award winning technology has the ability to track a consumer across all online platforms of search, display, mobile, and social channels, and across all devices, laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. which sets our company apart from all other online marketers in maximizing today's online marketing effectiveness.

Data driven decisions are what create marketing success in today's cutting edge environment. The ability to capture all leads, phone calls, email's, form submissions, live chats, etc., to your website, and in real time optimize against all these data points, lead, application, product sale, enrollment, establishes an accountable ROI.

Paid Search - Conversion Based Optimization

The fact that we oversee SEM budgets for some of the nations largest online marketers speaks volumes about our capabilities. Brands seek results, and we deliver them. We accomplish this by offering something not many can: a competitive edge.

Conversion-based Optimization is just that: optimizing your campaigns based on actual conversions in real time. Many agencies claim to do this, but only KL Media Partners with Ai Media Technology shows it working within our reports. Our proprietary technology tracks (and learns over time) the keywords, ads, networks, bids, phrasing, time of day, etc. which drives the best performance for your campaign. It then feeds this information back into our campaign algorithms, improving performance with true data in real time.

Not only do you get better campaign results, but we also share this information with you—which can be integrated into offline advertising efforts.

Search Engine Optimization

At KL Media Partners we understand an incredible amount of research, analysis, and implementation is required to effectively perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As such an involving process, every client requires an individual approach based on their industry, competition, and business model. Search engines rely on increasingly advanced software to work, meaning there simply isn't a one-size-fits-all strategy for proper SEO.

Effective SEO is still one of the best ways to capitalize on the digital marketplace. The truth is, there are no short cuts, no cookie-cutter process, and no guarantees in SEO. The path to success lies in continuous education, experienced analysts familiar with interpreting increasingly ambiguous data models, and implementation of intelligent strategies that translates into a positive impact on your ranking.

Our SEO process begins with a thorough website analysis to help determine our client's current ranking status. Once we have a clear picture of what we are starting with, we identify the barriers preventing the client from achieving their goals. Finally, as a phase as integral as any other in the process, we define proper expectations for the client before beginning each campaign.

Our Search Process Includes:

  • On-site Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Off-site Analysis
  • Set Baseline
  • Campaign/Account Strategy
  • Team Assignment Dedicate Account Manager
  • Task Schedliing
  • Weekly Calls
  • Reporting Metrics



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Oct 20, 2014

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Google Wash. D.C Offices - Dec 5, 2013

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