SMS Mobile Marketing

In Hand is Top of Mind

There was a time when owning a cell phone was a luxury. Today, more than 5 billion people own a cell phone and 70% would give up alcohol before surrendering their phones*. Look around. With the explosion of mobile and tablet devices, mobility isn't just a channel anymore - it's a mindset. Today, mobile devices are everywhere, accessible to nearly anyone – including your consumers! This saturation of the market allows your brand the opportunity to appear in front of your customers virtually 24/7. For marketers, this opens up new opportunity for a real-time connection with people wherever they are, both in the digital and physical world.

Mobile marketing is one of the fastest-growing means of marketing. With the highest 'read rates' of any form of marketing, companies that can build their database to include mobile marketing to their customers or prospects can experience substancial sales growth.

Our Approach

We help brands use mobile to build deeper relationships with their customers—wherever those customers may be. Our approach is simple: consider mobile from the beginning, not as an add-on, and approach everything with a mobile mindset. We've abolished the "Mobile Department" - everything we do is mobile by design. And even though mobile technologies and consumer behavior are always changing, we're always up to speed on the latest developments, so your brand is always taking advantage of the latest in mobile opportunity.

Strategies for the Mobile World

Today, everyone is mobile, but not everyone interacts with his or her devices in the same way. To tackle this challenge, we start by analyzing a day in the life of your mobile consumer, including past campaign data, with industry and consumer trends. Once armed with sufficient research and insights, we show you where opportunity lies and craft a strategy that will capitalize on your audiences' mobile behaviors and interests.

Technical Expertise for the Real World

Good strategy is nothing without flawless execution, and at KL Media Partners, we have the expertise needed to make it happen. Whether it's building rich, interactive experiences via mobile applications and websites or creating new ways to measure your mobile advertising performance—we have the technology and know-how to bring strategy to life.

Mobile Web Development

From mobile-specific sites to fully responsive redesigns that deliver a cohesive user experience across any desktop, tablet, or smartphone, KL Media Partners team of innovators and developers will offer the guidance necessary to compete in the mobile web space.

More online consumers are accessing their favorite sites via handheld smartphones and tablets than ever before, and this trend shows no signs of slowing. In order to present an optimal mobile web experience however, your mobile strategies should not be treated as a mere extension of those calibrated for your desktop site. Mobile web development differs in design, execution, and most importantly, user interaction. Clicks of a mouse are replaced with tapping, double tapping, dragging, pinching, spreading, and other actions requiring a touch-friendly interface.

Our comprehensive process combines sophisticated User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design with our proprietary eCommerce platform, to help provide an optimized experience to your mobile consumers.

Mobile App Development

KL Media Partners mobile team consists of highly experienced designers and developers across all Android, iOS, and Windows app-based disciplines. This versatility helps guarantee the highest quality native, cross-platform, or HTML5 products for our clients.

The proliferation of mobile applications has lead to more and more smartphone owners interacting with their apps over surfing the internet. The ability to take advantage of the unique branding opportunities and inherent attributes offered by these apps is an invaluable asset to any digital marketing plan. Developing attractive and engaging mobile apps that deliver exactly what consumers expect and desire is our core competency.

From backend development to frontend User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design, KL Media's team will provide full consultation services, and will work in tandem with you in order to properly execute your concept, and final product.

Summary of Mobile Marketing Offerings:

  • Mobile Strategy
  • Application & Website Development
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile SEO
  • Mobile Reporting & Analytics
  • Customized Partnerships



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