Whether you are a large corporation with many schools, a smaller single-market campus, or an online college, KL Media Partners can offer the following services to meet your needs:


In the Media Planning process Media research is critical in identifying the demographics, psychographics, and behaviors of the target audience while simultaneously analyzing the competition and media landscape. At KL Media Partners we then formulate an ROI-driven solution to addressing those consumers where they make their purchasing decisions with maximum efficiency and measurement systems in place to track progress.

Demographic targeting

Analysis of your target demographic groups and how they use media. We use today's leading research tools to pinpoint your prospects' media preferences in each and every market we are buying.

Geographic targeting

Assessment of geographic waste. Many regional or local media campaigns have "spill," where some of your advertising falls outside a target geography. It is important to micro analyze every medium to determine the exact percent of your buy that is wasted, and then optimize the overall media plan to minimize this waste.

Competitive landscape

In such a competitive advertising environment it's also important to know what your competition is doing. We use Kantar and other reporting tools to research the competitions media use, spending and buying histories.


KL Media Partners has a combined 50+ years of advertising experience on the agency side and in TV, Radio and Print. So when it comes to Media Buying & Negotiation noone can do it better. National, Regional, or Local, spot TV or Radio, Print, Magazine, Outdoor, Bus, Tabloids, Direct Mail and more.. we know how to leverage the best rates & placements. But it doesn't stop there, we always negotiate "value added" opportunities that include free bonus spots, program sponsorships, On site events, charity tie-ins, editorial or news coverage, reduced-cost radio remotes, Etc. Securing these "value added" opportunities is one of the most important benefits to our clients. At KL Media Partners our experience is in both English and Spanish language mediums.

Media Analysis & Expectations

We believe it's important for any media campaign, Online, On-Air or in Print to establish clear expectations / goals. We can then discuss and recommend ways to measure ad response and ROI. As partners this enables us all to keep track of pace to goal and make rapid adjustments if needed. Options include phone and online lead tracking systems, media specific URLs, ad tagging and more. Because results matter, we recommend measurement systems for all our media campaigns.

Media forecasting & Accountability

Our media plans are more than flowcharts — they are the accountabilities we place on deliverables to the mediums being purchased. We use these to hold the media accountable for exact impressions, CPM's, GRP's Etc. This also enables us to compare the cost options of different media formats. So dependant upon the plan proposed we will forecast impressions, CPM, GRPs, and / or lead generation expectations.



National, regional and local spot television. Whether you need to reach the national, regional or local marketplace our goal is to insure we have maximized your advertising dollar. Our research and analysis includes determining effective reach and frequency levels within your demo's in selected target markets. We will examine and compare stations programming, daypart rankers, looking at audience ratings data and share trends, and more. We do our homework to negotiate you the best possible TV rates. We provide a post buy analysis to ensure negotiated rating points were achieved and that you received full value for your media expenditures. Our experience includes English and Spanish language media.


National, regional and local spot radio. No matter your target KL Media Partners plans, buys and executes radio schedules and promotions that engage our clients target audiences. We analyze the entire market, evaluate and rank station formats against market demographics, look at demo age cells, ethnic composition and more to ensure we are on target. Radio is an excellent enhancement to an online or TV campaign to increase awareness and improve lead conversions. But we don't stop there...We always negotiate to include value-added “extras” that cost nothing extra for our clients. Our rates are always well below published SQAD cost per points. We provide a post buy analysis to ensure negotiated rating points were achieved and that you received full value for your media expenditures. Our experience includes English and Spanish language media.


National, regional and local magazines, newspapers, tabloids, free standing inserts, newsletters and more. We review consumer, business-to-business and trade magazines, in addition to traditional newspapers for editorial content, special sections, printing quality, circulation verification and target audience delivery, plus review the competitive environments for our clients products and services. We always negotiate below rate card, gain preferred ad positions and leverage for free editorial coverage for our clients. Placements include English and Spanish language publications.


National, regional and local outdoor placements often contribute to the success of education client campaigns. We use geo-targeted data and demographics for bus routes, Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) data for Billboards, and more ... to plan effective market coverage and top locations to ensure that success. From 14’x48’ permanent and rotary branding bulletins, to 30-sheet and transit postings for strong retail call to action, to mall and airport kiosks, we cover all facets of outdoor buying using all the best tools and market knowledge available. Placements include English and Spanish language advertisements.



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